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Rob Novell - Director
Rob Novell
Dr. Charles Novell - Founder

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The Charles Novell School of Music is here to help you develop your musical talents and help you achieve your goals and musical dreams. 

For over 58 years Dr. Charles Novell shared tips and advice to people to help them reach their goals.  After

growing up in this school Rob Novell, Charle's son, now keeps that same vision moving forward for the current and future generations.  At CNS we honor those that came before us, celebrate with those that are beside us, and push those ahead for the next season of ministry.


Come study Voice, Piano, Guitar, Drums, Bass Guitar,

Songwriting, Sound Systems, Technology, Music Business and Group Training with our staff of talented instructors.  We are here to help you.

Learn from our great Faculty of Instructors that are here

to encourage you and to "be the influence" in your life.

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