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Rob Novell -   Rob is the son of Dr. Charles Novell and is the Director of CNS.  Rob grew up in this music school attending classes and learning from the great faculty and instructors in the school's rich history.  Rob is an accomplished musician and studio producer.  He traveled with Perfect Heart and has played with Triumphant Quartet and the Nelons.  Rob is currently involved in a solo ministry and ministers through song and speaking.  Rob owns Counterpoint Recording Productions and Counterpoint Music Group in Atlanta, GA.  Rob sits on the board of the SGMA Hall of Fame & Museum.
Billy Blackwood -Billy is the youngest son of Legendary James Blackwood.  Billy currently runs the Blackwood Brothers Quartet.   Billy played drums for J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet at the age of 14. He also played for the Blackwood Brothers, Gordon Jensen and Sunrise, and Andrus/Blackwood & Company and toured with Voice, the
opening act for the Elvis Presley show.

Allison Speer Allison is not only a gifted vocalist but an amazing speaker, communicator, and songwriter as well. Her passion for the Lord, and life itself radiates from her like sunshine!  Allison teaches voice and songwriting and assists in Performance Training class as well.
Mary Anne Oglesby Sutherly- With more than 20 years of experience in Health and Senior Care Industries,
Mary Anne is a strong advocate for our senior communities.  In addition to this call on her life she has been singing Gospel
Music her entire life, and she is a sought after vocal coach in the Gospel Music Industry.
Tara Jackson With a vivacious laugh and warm personality that instantly illuminates a room, Tara Jackson is the friend you've always known. A consummate people person, her engaging spirit befits the calling to ministry and outreach she has long embraced.  But then she opens her mouth to sing, and it's obvious what Tara was ultimately born to do. 
Aleah NovellAleah has grown up in a musical family and carries on the family tradition of teaching music.  She is a private instructor by profession and teaching Music Theory and private lessons at CNS.

Corry IselCoordinator of Events and Students Activities.  Corry is our go to person during the conference.  If you 
have a question, she has your answer.  Corry is a gifted vocalist and has the performance skills to deliver a great performance.

Shannon NewmanShannon has been involved in Christian Music and Church Music for many years.  He is an accomplished singer and studio producer.

Jon GrovesJon is the Pastor of Victory Baptist in Inverness, FL.  Jon's deep knowledge of the Bible, his genuine love for people, and his creativity allow him to find unique ways to bring forth God's word by constantly changing the method without changing the message.

Becky CarverA graduate of Mississippi State University Becky brings a qualified level of teaching with her Music Degree.   Becky and her husband Steve Carver have an active ministry in music.  She teaches Theory, Piano and Voice.

Jim Quales- Jim comes from Michigan and has an active solo ministry in Gospel Music.  Jim has performed in various
groups and ran a Quartet, 4 One Quartet, for over 7 years.  Jim has a unique call on his life to minister to our Seniors and will perform in hundreds of Senior Care facilities all across the country in a given year.  Jim helps us with Sound Systems, guitar and Performance Training and is a private instructor.

Dana SimpsonDana is a gifted pianist and vocalist.  She teaches one of our Music Theory classes and is also involved in our Performance Training Class.  Dana's talent is only trumped by her heart and genuine spirit.  

Jim Sheldon- Jim is known as the "Positive Cowboy".   Jim is an award winning solo artist in the Country Gospel field.
Jim brings years of experience to the table and is willing to help our students anyway he can.
James Rainey - James has been playing piano his entire life.  God has used his talents through the years to play piano
for the Hoppers, the Singing Americans, the Greenes, the LeFervre Qt., and Jonathan Wilburn.  In addition to being a gift-
ed musician James is a arranger and studio producer.
Tim Owens - Tim is a Pastor, Author, and an Award-Winning Gospel Music Recording Artist who travels in Evangelism
to spread the good news of the Gospel of his wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ.  Tim teaches voice an helps us with various
seminars, devotions, and performance training.

Devin Ramon- Devin is a professional photographer but uses those skills to work in ministry.  His understanding of the importance of quality in his line of works makes him an asset in assisting artists and ministries lead with excellence.  Devin
has worked with ministries such as The Ball Brothers, Justified, and CNS.  Devin teaches social media and marketing.
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