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Do you have a good voice but want a Great One?  Do you feel like you’ve just not reached your fullest potential?  Or does your group need that one dynamic, outstanding voice to give you national recognition?  Well, you do not have to accept vocal limitations. Come and learn how to use our carefully designed Vocal Power daily routine and watch your voice grow daily as a result of using it.  You absolutely CAN sing higher or lower than you’ve ever dreamed you could.  Altos and tenors learn how to sing those high dramatic tones in full voice.  Learn to use a technique that the professional uses called Registration Singing.   Basses learn about contra bass singing.  You will have the chance to study with some of the absolute finest talents that have ever been part of Gospel Music.  Our Staff has been nominated and has won numerous awards for their involvement in both group and solo ministries.  You can learn from their experience and apply their tips and suggestions into your own singing and performance.


Instrumentalists will learn runs, fill ins, licks and improvisational ideas stylistic of the Christian Music Industry.  You will be exposed to new and different approaches to your instrument from all angles, live performing band member to studio musician.  You’ll learn to follow a daily routine for professional development and if followed, you will improve. 


What does it take to write a great song?   Recording companies are looking for the unique combination of a great talent and a creative songwriter. You’ll learn to write your own original material.  You can take a class in songwriting as well as private lessons in songwriting.


Classes are offered in sound systems.  There will be an hour class offered each day or the week.  This class will cover everything from the basics of  sound, set up, setting your sound to a room or building, proper speaker placement, maintenance and care, to suggestions on what equipment to buy.  We will discuss analog as well as digital.  You can take the class of Sound Systems as well as private lessons are available in sound systems.


2020 taught us that we needed to find, "new ways to do the same old thing".  Technology

rose to the forefront in how we did education, entertainment, and communications.  Social

Media Platforms and Video Chatting mediums became just part of our daily lives.  We want to help you maximize this area for your ministry.  We will have classes each day that

will deal with how you can grow your technolgy side of your ministry or begin to start one.

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