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CNS  History


Charles Novell School of Music is carrying on a tradition that started in 1924 with Gospel Music legend V.O. Stamps.    In 1978 J.D. Sumner, bass singer with the Stamps Quartet asked Charles to head up the school and take the challenge of keeping the school going.   Since 1978 the name of the school has changed a couple of times. For over 30 years the Charles Novell School of Music has continued training  people for the Lord’s work.  


Many of our students have gone  into full time Christian music careers.  Many of today’s Gospel Music Artists were discovered at  -  Charles Novell School of Music.  There is hardly a week that goes by that the school does not receive a call from someone in Gospel Music asking for referrals.  


Charles Novell School of Music can help you reach your dreams!!!  Charles Novell School of Music has evolved through the years as Christian Music has evolved.  Each year our student body is made up of students from all over the United States and Canada that come from various background of denomination and musical interests. One common theme is found among this diversity, and that is, the development and perfecting of the gifts and abilities God has given out.  It’s not how much God can do with us, but how much He can do through us. The Great Commission challenges us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel.   In answering this challenge - Charles Novell School of Music recognizes that we are called to be missionaries and as missionaries we must learn the language of the people we  are trying to reach.  Not everyone speaks the same language.  Southern Gospel will allow the Gospel to reach a certain crowd while Praise and Worship will reach another. Charles Novell School of Music allows students to answer their own challenge by providing instruction in all styles and ministry tools,  Southern Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Praise and Worship, Spoken Word and even Drama.

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